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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday....well i have to retrace my week, BUT 1st lets start with today.. My frantic Friday.. I wake up in San Diego (i drove here last night).. I am Dancing at 2 deja vu's this weekend, they require a license, this is where it gets frantic. I am also doing 4 live Web Cams for naughty America while i am here, oh and doing a bookstore signing on saturday.. so i get up and get ready to get picked up to get my license at 9am, i have to be done and at naughty America by 11ish.. GUESS what, the city cant start my process for licensing till after 11.. OK now i learn there are 3 different stops to actually complete this license, somewhat like a scavenger hunt all the way around town. The awesome driver Jonathan from the DejaVU- driving ofcorse the VU van... yes the big van labeled with the strip club info all over it LOL.. He is so rad, he says, hey i will take you to you web cam and we can go to the places inbetween the web shows, so i did just that.. 30 min show, left did 45 minutes of running around, back to a 30 min show, back in the van 1st Stop Successful, 2nf stop waiting till the second i had to be back at the web show and NO go. too busy, we have to go back.. R U kidding me! REALLY .. YES, ok, still no food barely enough time to pee almost losing my mind, oh yeah, back to masterbating and chatting it up on libe for web cam.. Now back to get fingerprinted, another Web Show, then to the police station where it took 4 cops 35 mins to print a reciept and take my picture.. all day i thought i was getting punked...remember that show PUNKED? Ashton Kutcher.. yeah i wish i was getting punked i would have fucked the shit out of Ashton Kutcher with all of my pent up fristration today.. Well by 4 30 i was done with licensing, was able to take a quick nap at Naughty America before my last web cam .. I was finally done at 6 ish... got some food and turned around praying for more sleep, but had to get ready to go dance.. i am back in my hotel now, astonished i made it through all of that.... wow is all i can say...

so Frantic Friday was a MUST share................



Blogger John said...

Your show was amazing tonight. It was awesome meeting you, and thanks for the kiss, it made my day. Your perfect from head to toe and amazingly... you get hotter with age. Thanks again.


July 11, 2009 at 1:34 AM  
Blogger 9in Classic said...

Morning Lisa! Wow that is one crazy day and I thought my day was crazy lol well u know what that day has past and it's Sat yay. I hope your show's go good this weekend and that you have a great weekend your self :)

P.S. Keep the update's coming :)

July 11, 2009 at 7:37 AM  

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