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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Week

Hello.... Here is a BIG recap.... i sure hope you are ready!
Sunday: i landed from my week on the road, and turned around at LAX an flew out to party in Vegas, needed to blow off some steam.. i had a GREAT, ok EXTREMELY awesome time with my friends in Vegas.... it was insane
Monday: Woke up in Vegas, extremely hungover, with a large WAD of gum in my hair, and my favorite HOT Civilian... he left to fly back home, and then a couple hours later i had to fly back into Burbank only to turn around and have to go into my office HUNG over!!! 7pm Training appointment at the gym... did 2 hours
Tuesday: After about 12 hours of billing for my agency i did another 2 hours at the gym.. are you tired yet!!!!??
Wednesday: lets go at it again. Meetings with new talent at the office, More billing, personal mail, and have to get ready for the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys....... OH yeah!~ a Date with a civilian at Maestros SEAFood Tower baby!~!! That ended at midnight, went home tried to get some rest before going at it again,
Thursday: More work, booking travel and arranging up coming dancing tours, it just never stops,, Oh and i am obsessed with getting pedicures so my toes look perfect when i dance.. shoot.. ok all the time!! Then off to the Van Nuys Rhino to shake my money maker! Well i made a fun new friend that night (yes another civilian) he is hysterical!!!!
Friday- after being up till 4am i had to get up at 7am to go Shoot another IMPORTANT Palin Movie.. was on set till 7:30, had to rush home, shower and get ready to go back to the club to shake my money maker again!!!! it was an awesome Friday night, Kristen from Hustler came to see me!! I love her, she takes great care of me!!
Saturday- Again i am up earlier than i should but for goo reasons, a beauty day.. hair appt, spin class, tanning and home in time for a 2 hour nap! it was orgasmic!!!!!!
Sunday.. slept till 11am.... So awesome!! Then did chores, errands, squeezed in a afternoon date with a civilian, then was home by 4 got ready had had an Amazing night With my date for the Urban Spice Awards at Boulevard 3... We went for an incredible dinner at Was a new restaraunt, then went to the show...
Monday: Back up early to shoot at day for

so..... you see... i stay pretty busy!


Blogger 9in Classic said...

Hi Lisa! :) Wow what a recap love reading about your days :) they are way exciting well more exciting then mine is just a lot of headaches and yelling lol

July 28, 2009 at 4:43 PM  

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