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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi, and i am sorry it has been so long.. Everything is hectic as usual, but i knew i had to talk to you today! We Wrapped bases Loaded yesterday and i can tell you this... U will NOT believe what you see!!!
Sports Talk: Lakers Game Tuesday Night, great start, not strong enough for me..we only beat the Clippers BY 7and they didn't even have Blake Griffin.. Coming from the girl who calls the clippers "the globetrotters" i was mildly annoyed we didnt win by 20. The ring ceremony was breath taking and we are back... It is that time again and i am thrilled..
World Series.. Well Yankees, you threw in 5 pitchers, still no my good friend says"how's that taste"... I must cheer for the Phillies- i am from so close to there and i lived in Philly almost 2 fearful years..
GAME 2 tonight- lets do it again guys....

Friday i am going to have another crazy day! 7am radio show 90 mins away, 12 call time for a BG scene Directed by Franchesca Le, 5 30 Playboy Radio, then Lakers game..... talk about intense

Sunday we play the Hawks... i cant miss that one either, but damn i would love to fly back to Philly this weekend and go toa World Series game or two.. or three..

Off to the gym, Love u LA


Blogger Shakeel said...

I love u lisa

October 30, 2009 at 7:36 AM  

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