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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisa Ann Weekday Key West Dates!

No, you’re not going nutty if you happened by Teasers in Key West this week and saw Lisa Ann’s name in lights for Monday and Tuesday night feature gigs. It’s the Keys, things happen on a different schedule, it’s all good. Hemingway house by day, Lisa Ann by night. Life as a moveable feast. Unfortunately, her Motor City dates for this weekend have been cancelled. That’s right, Detroit, get back in line and don’t worry, she’ll be back up your way. It’s Lisa Ann we’re talking about. Naturally a blip in the schedule is quickly filled for Lisa and she’s working on some terrific upcoming promotions with Fleshlight that will launch very soon. She doesn’t want to give out too many details just yet, but the words “exciting!” and “awesome!” came up more than once, so expectations should be high. Among the many companies she’s been shooting for is and the reaction has been mindboggling, and we’re talking “mindboggling” when seen in Lisa Ann terms. Fans want to log in and check out the two scenes she’s already done for them and look for more to come. As always, check out for continuing greatness, including amazing, original scenes and photos and content that you won’t find anywhere else. Keep abreast of all her cummings and goings by being one of the more than a quarter million followers on Twitter (@thereallisaann). Lisa’s Stripper Town radio show airs Tuesday nights on Sirius XM channel 103 from 9 pm to 11 pm (PT). Visit


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